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RE: CFP "In Search of Adorno's Legacy: Theory in Practice"

Started by Peter Zazzali. Last reply by Felix de Villiers Feb 24, 2016. 1 Reply

Workshop Title: In Search of Adorno’s Legacy in Performance Theory and Practice Dear Colleagues:Greetings.  My name is Peter Zazzali and I am a recent member of the Adorno discussion group.  In…Continue

Sneak Peak: Adorno and Performance

Started by Will Daddario Jan 12, 2014. 0 Replies

Hello to all members of the Adorno group. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much here over the last year, but the silence was not due to lack of thought.Karoline Gritzner and I have been editing…Continue

Adorno Performance/Philosophy Bibliography

Started by Will Daddario. Last reply by Frank M C Kuehn Dec 10, 2012. 6 Replies

I think it would be a good idea if we started compiling a bibliography of sources dedicated to exploring Adorno's thoughts on/for performance. Please add any and all sources, in whatever language, so…Continue

Tags: Bibliography, Adorno

Intro to Adorno and Performance

Started by bruno roubicek. Last reply by bruno roubicek Sep 6, 2012. 2 Replies

Could anyone summarise Adorno's ideas on philosophy and performance in one paragraph? I'm quite new to performance philosophy and am very curious to know more about Adorno's thought. I'm on tour a…Continue

Blog Posts

"Further Evidence on the Meaning of Musical Performance" Working Paper

Posted by Phillip Cartwright on January 15, 2020 at 21:28 0 Comments

Karolina Nevoina and I are pleased to announce availability of our working paper, "Further Evidence on the Meaning of Musical Performance". Special thanks to Professor Aaron Williamon and the Royal College of Music, Centre for Performance Science.…


Division of Labor - Denis Beaubois

Posted by Gabrielle Senza on February 23, 2018 at 0:36 0 Comments

I just came across Denis Beaubois, an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose work, Currency - Division of Labor might be of interest to researchers here.

It is a series of video/performance works that use the division of labor model in capitalism as a structural tool for performance.

From his website:

The Division of labour work explores…




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I am new in PP and I just joined the subgroup "Adorno".

My own thoughts are strongly inspired by Heidegger and his inexhaustible philosophy keeps me breathless. I am not an Adorno expert. First and foremost, I perceive Adorno as one of the major opponents to Heidegger (or his "jargon of authenticity"). However, I was very impressed by Andrea Barbara Alker's (unfortunately available in German only) book "Das Andere im Selben - Subjektivitätskritik und Kunstphilosophie bei Heidegger und Adorno" in which she shows the clear proximity of Heidegger and Adorno and the rather harsh opposition might be understood exactly from this close proximity of thoughts. Putting the opposition for a moment aside, isn't authenticity a particularly important notion in performance? In this context, the 1966 article "Toward an ontology of Bob Dylan" by William J. Richardson, re-published in 2010 in Philosophy Social Critisism (see is of twofold interest. Firstly, the author starts out from a view that is apparently linked to critical theory but also builds on Heidegger's notion of authenticity to understand the performance of Bob Dylan. Secondly, it is exactly Bob Dylan who inspired the current head of the Frankfurt school, Axel Honneth, to deal with questions concerning authenticity. Honneth organised symposia on Dylan and edited some books on that topic.



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Thanks for these thoughts, Hans. I'll check out those publications (though I'm unable to read German (as soon as I finish my current project I plan to learn)). There certainly is a great deal of opposition between Adorno and Heidegger, thanks, in no small part, to Adorno himself who was always keen to make distinctions between Heidegger's system and his own (anti) system.

Hi there. There's a good deal of animosity between Adorno and Heidegger, which is often more about uspoken antagonisms than about philosophical differences, but there are lots of interesting discussions on their affinities. One point of mediation is through Marcuse, who was a pupil of Heidegger before he took a more Marxist turn, and much of the work of Marcuse is Heideggerian and Marxist. Marcuse tried to persuade Heidegger to make some atonement for his Nazi involvement, without much success. There's a lot interesting things in the work of Marcuse that is missed, I guess because of some his more gestural brush strokes, but you might find Marcuse more congenial as a way of moving towards Adorno. While I think that Jargon of Authenticity is often rather heavy-handed, it has been my experience that the call to authenticity is often a kind of escapist artifice, whereas the call to truth in the different modalities of what is meant by truth, especially where there is a recognition that science fails truth, is the more searching and revealing call. Take care.


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