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Started by Gabriella Daris. Last reply by Felix de Villiers Mar 1, 2016. 4 Replies

Thought the forthcoming conference, on what I would call, 'The Performativity of Digital Love,' which is actually drawn from Lou Andreas Salome's "The Erotic" may appeal to you, in addition to Alain…Continue

Tags: of, Digital, Love, Performativity, the

theatre minima

Started by George Hunka. Last reply by Felix de Villiers Mar 1, 2016. 1 Reply

I am regularly posting about erotics and drama at the Web site for theatre minima. The most recent post, "Foundations: Caritas and eros" is…Continue

Erotic Review

Started by Gabriella Daris May 25, 2013. 0 Replies

Also of interest to you may be the Erotic Review and Erotic Books:

Tags: literature, erotic, pornography

Blog Posts

"Further Evidence on the Meaning of Musical Performance" Working Paper

Posted by Phillip Cartwright on January 15, 2020 at 21:28 0 Comments

Karolina Nevoina and I are pleased to announce availability of our working paper, "Further Evidence on the Meaning of Musical Performance". Special thanks to Professor Aaron Williamon and the Royal College of Music, Centre for Performance Science.…


Division of Labor - Denis Beaubois

Posted by Gabrielle Senza on February 23, 2018 at 0:36 0 Comments

I just came across Denis Beaubois, an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose work, Currency - Division of Labor might be of interest to researchers here.

It is a series of video/performance works that use the division of labor model in capitalism as a structural tool for performance.

From his website:

The Division of labour work explores…




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Thought the forthcoming conference, on what I would call, 'The Performativity of Digital Love,' which is actually drawn from Lou Andreas Salome's "The Erotic" may appeal to you, in addition to Alain Badiou's "In Praise of Love" where he discusses the relationship between digital love, drama, and his "scene of the two" love. GD


A multi-disciplinary international conference at the Freud Museum, London

8 June 2013, 9.30am - 5.00pm

Lou Andreas Salomé wrote The Erotic (1911) before she met Freud. The recent English translation of her groundbreaking book encourages us to consider how a century of social change has affected erotic behaviour, and what this may mean for psychoanalysis. In a world of online porn, internet dating and ‘digital emotions’, what are the contours of ‘the erotic’ in the world today?

This interdisciplinary conference explores the significance of contemporary erotic life for human relationships and the questions it poses for psychoanalytic theory and practice.

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Alas I was unable to attend, but a provocative subject nonetheless, especially concerning the performativity of language itself.

This subject has always interested me, be it in life literature, the cinema or the theatre.AS often I see I'm running out of time, so I'll come back and stick just to one or two points. It's a pity more material from this conference is not available, be it on video or in writing.

At this very moment I'm feeling confused about explicit sex in the arts and whether they aesthetic value or quality of a work. Picassos drawings of men and women copulating are also good drawings. It would be hard to get people actually fucking on the stage for many reasons, in films less hard but here they are usually lying on top of each other and going through the motions of love making without their genitals being shown. More about this later.

One thing that still does seem to be taboo is the male organ as opposed to the female and especially in erection, and this even in erotic films. I have only seen an erect cock in about two films and was told of another.Why still this taboo? Maybe this was discussed at the conference.Erotic suggestion is another matter. I remember a film whose title I forget in which a famous actress is sitting on her bed while a much younger man is getting ready to fuck her. We know it's going to happen but all we see is the young man getting undressed, untying his belt and this is very exciting. What role between sexual excitation and the arts?

George Hunka said:

Alas I was unable to attend, but a provocative subject nonetheless, especially concerning the performativity of language itself.

George, I don't mean to be in the slightest personally offensive,but the expression 'the performativity of language' sounds singularly unerotic. I tried the site 'theatre minima' so as to get hold of something to discuss but my PC tells me it dioesn't exist. But I see the forum now on the left side of this page and will have a look at it.

Elsewhere I Expressed some disappointment about the lack of discussion and Theron Schmidt advised me to look at other groups and forums like this one.Not much luck here either or elsewhere. I expect I should accept that PP is not that kind of site. before exiting I'll just add a few comments to my last letter

I said something about the role of erotic excitement it the arts, esp. film and theatre.. For the moment I prefer to suspend that question to say that absolutely nothing is outside the province of the arts: it all depends on how it is done.

I have come up against that problem personally. I have just finished writing my autobiography and after some debate with friends I decided to leave some explicitly erotic sections. Now that they are there I'm satisfied and find them an integral part of the whole.

I have the feeling that pornography and Puritanism are like mirror images of each other.and, in a more humane world, should give way to one another and disappear as separate entities. While I object strongly to Puritanism I'm not in the slightest moralistic about pornography. But it does not excite me.We all have our personal slants on sex, and mechanical pumping puts me off if anything; I must have a surrounding story.None of the porno films or videos I have seen qualify as works of art, or as artistic or as effective performance.


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