About Performance Philosophy

Performance Philosophy is an international research network for the field of Performance Philosophy. The network is open to all researchers concerned with the relationship between performance & philosophy. The network was founded by the 11 core conveners listed below in the summer of 2012.



The core aims of Performance Philosophy are:

  • To nurture and develop the emerging field of Performance Philosophy internationally;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and practices related to Performance Philosophy between international researchers including students, emerging scholars, established scholars and practitioners.



The core activities of Performance Philosophy are:

  • To establish and maintain an international network of Performance Philosophy researchers
  • To facilitate communication in the field of Performance Philosophy through a website and mailing list
  • To create and maintain a high-quality peer-reviewed journal with an esteemed publisher and to use the journal as a platform to showcase the best original research in the field of Performance Philosophy, including practice-based research 
  • To initiate and develop a high-quality book series with an esteemed publisher and to publish monographs and edited collections that make an original and important contributions to the field of Performance Philosophy 
  • To host and to support network members to host high-quality research events on Performance Philosophy, such as symposia, conference, festivals, seminars, and summer schools.



Performance Philosophy takes an inclusive, interdisciplinary and pluralist approach to the field. The network welcomes members concerned with any aspect of philosophy, whether from the Continental or Analytic traditions, and with any discipline or definition of performance, including but not limited to drama, theatre, dance, performance art, live art, and music. The only criteria for membership and participation is an interest in the field and an openness to the breadth and variety of different approaches to Performance Philosophy that the field encompasses.

 Performance Philosophy also aims to be financially inclusive. Performance Philosophy is not a profit-making organization, and it is free to become a member of Performance Philosophy, including access to the network website and mailing list. By the same token, Performance Philosophy cannot offer funding support to network members or research groups within the network. All Performance Philosophy events must be self-funded.



Performance Philosophy is structured as a network, made up of: 

  • self-organizing research groups, and
  • a committee of core convenors.                  

The research groups within the network can either be geographic or institution based (eg. the Brown group) and/or thematic or based on the work of a particular performance philosopher (eg. the Deleuze and Performance group). Any member or group of members can apply to create a new research group via the website.

The role of the convenors is to oversee the functioning of the network as a whole and to lead on the development of Performance Philosophy projects such as the website, journal, book series and events. 


Current core convenors:

Dr Laura Cull (University of Surrey)

Dr Will Daddario (Illinois State University)

Dr Kélina Gotman (King's College London)

Dr Karoline Gritzner (Aberystwyth University)

Dr Eve Katsouraki (University of East London)

Dr Esa Kirkkopelto (Theatre Academy, Helsinki)

Dr Alice Lagaay (Bremen University)

Prof. John Mullarkey (Kingston University)

Prof. Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv University)

Dr Theron Schmidt (UNSW Australia)

Dr Dan Watt (Loughborough University)

The Performance Philosophy logo was created by Paul Jackel, facilitated by Alice Lagaay and with generous funding from the University of Bremen, Germany.

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