About Groups

Performance Philosophy is a network made up of self-organizing groups and a group of core convenors who oversee the activity of the network as a whole.

The convenors welcome proposals for new groups from all members of Performance Philosophy. 

  • A group can be created on the basis of a shared thematic concern or common interest in the work of a particular philosopher and/or performance practice. 
  • Alternatively, a group can be created based on geographical location or institutional affiliation. 
  • You do not have to apply to create a group, but when you create a group via this website it will be sent to the convenors to be moderated. This is to avoid spam or false creation of groups for other than research purposes (eg. parties attempting to use this forum for marketing etc.)
  • Once formed, all aspects of group activity are to be self-organized and self-determined. For instance, groups can elect to be relatively open or closed to other members - depending on aims, activities and values. 
  • Groups are requested to elect a (rotating) spokesperson/s who will present the group's activity to the rest of the network via the website and Performance Philosophy events.

If you would like to discuss your proposal for a new group before submitting it via the website, please contact Laura Cull: l.cull@surrey.ac.uk 

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