2013 Conference



What is Performance Philosophy?

Staging a new field


University of Surrey,

Guildford, UK

11-13th April 2013





Co-organized by

Laura Cull (University of Surrey),

Eve Katsouraki (University of East London)

Dan Watt (Loughborough University)


Kindly sponsored by

The University of Surrey, Loughborough University, the University of East London & the practice.research.unit at Kingston University


Confirmed keynotes:                    


Professor Martin Puchner (Harvard)


Professor Bojana Kunst (Giessen)


Professor Andrew Bowie (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Other confirmed presenters include: Maaike Bleeker, Arno Boehler, Peter M. Boenisch, Gabriella Calchi-Novati, Broderick Chow, Tony Fisher, Marjorie Gracieuse, Karoline Gritzner, Adrian Kear. Joe Kelleher, Esa Kirkkopelto, Alice Lagaay, Carl Lavery, John Mullarkey, Martin O’Brien, Louise Owen, Alan Read, Freddie Rokem, Theron Schmidt, Stephen Wilmer and many more.


What is Performance Philosophy? Staging a new field will be the inaugural conference of the new professional association, PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY https://performancephilosophy.ning.com/ 


The aim of this international 3-day conference is to explore the scope and diversity of research being undertaken by scholars and practitioners concerned with the relationship between performance and philosophy broadly construed.


Presenters at the conference include practitioners and scholars from a wide range of disciplines including Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Art, Performance Studies and Philosophy and the conference includes practical workshops and performance-lectures as well as conference papers.


In particular, the conference aims to address a series of key questions:


•             Is Performance Philosophy a ‘field’? If so, what are the parameters of the field – how might the field define itself?

•             What is the relationship between performance and philosophy? Is performance a kind of philosophy and philosophy a kind of performance?

•             How have performance and philosophy engaged with one another in the past and how are they engaging with one another now?


The conference is now open for online registration at http://store.surrey.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&catid=34&modid=2&prodid=92&deptid=75&prodvarid=0


Delegate fees (including all conference events, lunch, coffee and drinks receptions) are:

Full 3 day conference, waged: £150

Full 3 day conference, unwaged: £80

Single day: waged £60; unwaged £35


The conference has adopted a tiered fee system designed to allow delegates with access to institutional funding to support the attendance of those who do not. There is a ‘waged’ fee for University staff and others in full time salaried employment, and an ‘unwaged’ fee for students and practitioners without access to institutional funding or a regular salary.


For more information, please contact Laura Cull at l.cull@surrey.ac.uk




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